6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Acree Intl Group

Focusing on one metal products only, we are the strongest manufacture for tublar products.

Stainless Steel Sheet and Aluminum Foil Available

We are Italy professional stretcher manufacturer, the company has twenty years of operating history, is very happy to buy titanium tubes with Gr.9 grade for our production, they give us a very good service, and let our customers to enjoy the cheap price with very high quality.

Rita, Ital

My company mainly produce automobile parts such as steering suspension system.Precision seamless tubes supplied by Acree have a very good size tolerance and perfect surface quality which processed with non-oxygen normalizing. With good quality, fine workmanship and timely reply, we have not trouble in our production.Additional,the sales person always give us quick response. This feeling makes me good, and comfortable. Thanks.

Dragica , Serbia

Through three years of cooperation, we know Acree has very wonderful facility to manufactur finned tubes,We are biggest producer of air coolers,we purchased extruded finned tubes,L fins and G fins from Acree,we are more deep understanding each other, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions for extreme long packages,which guarantee us to deliver our equipments to our clients.

Kevin, Canada

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