Aluminum inner grooved tube

The product through extrusion and drawing that determine its better ductility. And the tooth height from 0.05mm to 0.25mm contributes to its heat conduction performance which is necessary in air conditioner’s heat exchange system. It must be a wise choice for air conditioner factories because of its lowest cost.

SPEC bottom wall thickness Groove height Groove number Helix angle Groove top angle Weight per meter
φ5mm 0.4-0.5 0.05-0.25 40-50 18° 50° 23±3
φ7mm 0.4-0.5 0.05-0.25 40-50 18° 50° 28±3
Φ7.94mm 0.4-0.5 0.05-0.25 40-50 18° 50° 40±3
Φ9.52mm 0.45-0.55 0.05-0.25 45-55 18° 50° 45±3

Aluminum smooth tube(LWC)

The product through extrusion and drawing that determine its better ductility.

Material Grad Specification(mm)
1060、3003、3103、 1060、3003、3103、RE alloy OD:φ6~φ19.05


Large air cooling tube

Material Grade Specification(mm)
1060、3003、 1060、3003、RE alloy φ25*0.6~1.5 φ28*0.8~1.5

Aluminum tube for automible Condenser

Different shapes:Round/Oval/Multiport

Material Grade Specification(mm)
3003、3103、6063、5049 OD:φ6~φ25 Thickness:0.8~2.0

Aluminum tubes for car engines radiators.

Round aluminum coil tubesproduced in our factory are of the highest quality owing to innovative manufacturing technology and high quality materials which have below features

– exceptional mechanical strength
– conformity with technical requirements
– high quality of workmanship


Material Grad Specification(mm)
3003,3103 OD:φ6~φ8


Seamless collector tube

Aluminum alloy seamless collector tube(base material is 3003 or 6063). The brazing material is 4045or 4343, is 5%-10% of the total thickness. The feature is uniform、high bursting pressure and the stable quality of the heat exchange.

Material Grade Specification(mm)
Base material:3003 or 6063

Brazing layer:4343 or4045



2200t、1650t extrusion machine

2200mm spinner block

Caterpillar drawing machine

Inner grooved machine

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