The honed tube is well known as a hydraulic cylinder tube in industries.

As honed tubes are the most important material of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.

We manufacture the honed tubes using our factory’s “Suitable To Hone” Steel Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes (CDS tubes).

Hydraulic tubes are cold drawn tubes with the internal surface SRB finished or Honed. The Skived and Roller burnished process is a complex process that is increasing the roughness qualities of the surface. The skiving knives pass first scraping the inside layer of metal. Burnishing rollers are passing afterwards cold working the tube and creating an internal mirror surface finish. Honing is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface on a metal workpiece. The process consists of scrubbing an abrasive stone against it along with a controlled path. Honing is primarily used to improve the geometric form of a surface and the surface texture.

Production standards:

Our raw material of hot rolled pipes are mainly from famous big mills such as Baosteel, TPCO, Valin, Angang etc, we process cold drawn then honing process or Skiving & Roller Burnishing process. Meanwhile, the tube is usually manufactured according to norms as ASTM A513, DIN 2391, DIN 1630, DIN 1629, EN 10216-2, A 519,  on customer’s request.

Carbon steel grades as below:

  • SAE 1020
  • SAE 1026
  • SAE1030/1035
  • E355, E255, E215, E235
  • ST52.3,  St35, ST 52.4, St 37.4

Stainless steel Honed tube can be supplied in grades as below:

  • TP 304 / 304L
  • TP316 / 316L
  • TP 316Ti

Other steel grades of hone tube /honed pipe are available on customer’s request.

Technical Properties.
• Diameter Tolerance for ID: ISO H8 (EN ISO 286-2). We can provide special tolerance at a premium price.
• Ovality – within the limits of ID tolerance.
• Eccentricity is a maximum of 10% of the wall thickness according to EN 10305-1.
• Surface Roughness – Internal surface Roughness for SRB finished tubes is Ra = max 0.25 µm. For Honed tubes Ra = max 0.40 µm.
• Straightness max 1.0 [mm]/1000 [mm]; max 3.5 [mm]/6000 [mm]; max 4.0 [mm]/7000 [mm]; max 4.5 [mm]/8000 [mm].

We also offer honed tubing which is produced using ST52, SAE1026,1020  Drawn over mandrel (DOM)  This tubing is ready to use for hydraulic cylinder applications without further ID processing. The honing process involves using abrasive polishing stones and abrasive paper to remove small amounts of material, this produces extremely precise ID dimensions with an H8 diameter tolerance and improved finishes.

Main applications of Hydraulic honed tubing

Honed tubing and SRB tubes (skived and roller burnished tubes) are mostly used as cylinder tubes, such as hydraulic cylinder tube and pneumatic cylinder tubing, which are widely used for manufacturing and repairing hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. As honed tube usually has very accuracy dimension tolerance and good surface smoothness, so this product is also used in applications where precision dimension or high smooth surface is needed.

Honed Tube for Cylinder

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