440C stainless steel balls are usually used in industries that require high precision and anti-rust performance: aviation, aerospace, bearings, motors, high-precision instruments, valves, and petroleum.

The metallographic structure belongs to the martensitic section steel, and the production process requirements are relatively high. There are relatively few domestic companies that can produce stainless steel 440C, so the companies that can produce 440C materials are often called special stainless steel. The heat treatment process is more complicated, easy to crack, and requires high precision. It is the hardest stainless steel ball among steel balls: HRC≧58. The hardness is close to that of the bearing steel ball, but it has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance than the former.

Compared with 440 stainless steel ball, it has stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, increased hardness and wear resistance.

440C Chemical Composion
C 0.95-1.20%
Cr 16.0-18.0%
Si 1.00%
Mn 1.0% Max.
P 0.04%
S 0.03%
Mo 0.075% Max
440C steel ball Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strenghth 285,000 psi
Yield Strenght 275,000 psi
Elastic Modulus 29,000,000 psi
Density 0.277 lbs/cubic inch

We also make other grades of stainless steel ball,for example 201,304,316/316L,420/420C,you may contact me for more details.