How to choose chrome plated rod?

Chrome Plated Rod / Chrome plated bar is usually manufactured from cold rolled or hot rolled medium carbon steel round bars, by using high precision centerless grinding and polishing methods and then chrome plated to a min plating thickness of 20 microns (which is 0.0008″). The chrome plating layer provides corrosion resistance and a highly reflective appearance.

Chrome plated steel bars are the most common products used as piston rods for hydraulic cylinders in applications operating in standard conditions. Applications for standard conditions are defined as applications working in a non-particular corrosive environment. Chrome plated steel bars are used also to build a pneumatic cylinder with pressures higher than 200 bars. Standard cylinders are used from Agricultural Machinery and Garbage Compactors to Fitness Equipment. We recommend chrome plated steel bars made from C45E steel for all standard piston rods.

Production Specifications

Our chrome plated bars usually is manufactured upon customers’ specification, and the chrome plated rods meet ASTM A108, A311, and other popular standards.

Materials of Chrome plated rod

As one of the leading chrome plated bar manufacturers and suppliers, we supply chrome plated rod in medium carbon steel grades according to customers request, and the most popular steel grade is AISI 1045 / 1050, JIS S45C, SAE1045, DIN CK45,C45E.

We manufacture Chrome plated rod both in metric sizes and imperial sizes

Size range: Diameter metric size min. 6 mm to 450mm and imperial size 1/4″ to 16″
External Diameter Tolerance: Our chrome plated bars are supplied with tolerance f7, f8, f9 on customers request.
Surface roughness: Ra0.2μm ~ Ra0.4μm (8 Ra – 16 Ra)

Chrome Layer thickness for ∅≤19.05 [mm] is minimum 15[µm] and for ∅>20[mm] is minimum 20[µm]

Corrosion Resistance is given by the salt spray tests results. These tests are following the ISO 9227 and ISO 10289 standards. The results of these tests are giving the rating of our products.

Straightness for ∅<20 [mm] is max 0,3 [mm]/1000 [mm] and for ∅≥20[mm] is max 0,2[mm]/1000[mm].

Surface Hardness – Chrome Layer hardness is minimum 850HV

The high performance of strength: The yield strength of chrome plated bars can be 75000 psi up to 100000 psi.

The chrome plated round bar should pass the salt spray tested to at least 48 hours in accordance with ASTM B-117.
Supply Length: Our factory produces chrome plated rod with random length or fixed length up to 12 meters.

We can provide Double Chrome Layer at a premium price.

Weldability of these chrome plated steel bars is good using conventional or friction welding.

Machinability of these chrome plated steel bars is good. Can achieve a good cutting speed using the proper coated carbide tools.

Packaging A-CHROME products are supplied in different packaging options such as:

Standard packaging is made with plastic sleeves or paper tubes (depending on the product’s diameter).

Extra protection with the additional cost, we can provide also wooden boxes or iron frame case.

Typical Chemical Properties of C45E

Steel Grade C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni
C45E 0.42 Max 0.5 Max Max Max Max Max
0.50 0.4 0.8 0.03 0.035 0.4 0.1 0.4

Mechanical Properties of C45E

Diameter Tensile Strength Yield Point Elongation Hardness Brinell
Steel Grade mm Rm(N/mm2) Rp0.2(N/mm2) A5% HB
C45E Up 16 Min 710 Min500 Min 6 200
16~19.05 Min 650 Min 410 Min 7 200
20~100 Min 580 Min 305 Min 16 180~225
100~200 Min 560 Min 275 Min 16 180~225

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