DOM tube


Welded and cold drawn tubing also called DOM tubing (Drawn Over Mandrel Tubes ),we manufacure these tubes using standards like ASTM A513 type-5 & -6 or equivalent to meet customers requirements. Drawn over Mandrel (DOM) can be an ideal choice where a high degree of dimensional accuracy is required.


Hydraulic cylinders

Transmission shafts

Steering Columns

Suspension components


Axle Tubes

Drive Shafts

Jack Sleeves


Manufacturing procedure

DOM steel tubing is manufactured from electrical resistance welded hollows and cold drawn through a die and over a mandrel, improving surface finish, mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy of both outside and inside diameters. DOM is a high-quality, cost-effective choice for demanding applications and machined parts because of its special characteristics: Combined with reliable weld integrity, Maximum concentricity, and Minimal wall variation.


Improved Dimensional Accuracy

Improved Physical Properties

Improved Surface Finish

Straightening, Complete Dimension, and Non-Destructive Inspection are Integral to the Process

Lower Machine Costs

Mass Savings in High Strength-to-Weight Ratio Applications


ASTM A513 Type 5, DIN2393,EN10305-2

Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)

ASTM A513 Type 6

Drawn-Over Mandrel Special Smooth ID (SSID DOM)

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