A high temperature and pressure resistance, depending on the application – an increased or reduced heat transmission as well as good processing properties in regard to bending techniques are essential properties of  boiler tubes and heat exchanger tubes.

Acree takes pride in the manufacturing of Seamless Cold Drawn Carbon & Alloy Steel tubing and each order is custom made per customer’s specification.

Our facilities have the capability to manufacture seamless carbon & alloy steel tubing across China and exports the high quality material around the world.

We not only supply tubes with carbon and alloy steel grades, but also supply special dimensions and grades such as Duplex, Super Duplex or Hastelloy, Incoloy and titanium alloys on short notice. Furthermore, we offer the complete range of processing techniques relevant in today’s market.We also fabricate finned tubes with these bare tubes.

heat exchanger tube

SA179 Seamless Heat Exchanger Tube

We offer a wide range of solutions for heat exchanger manufacturers within the following parameters:

Dimensions of heat exchanger tubes:

Outer Diameter(OD) : 0.5″~3″(12.7mm~76.2mm)

Wall Thickness(WT) :0.035″~0.3″(0.89mm~7.62mm)

Lengths and fixed lengths on request

Standards: ASTM A 179M-1990a, ASME SA 179M, ASME Section II Part A

EN 10216-2, tolerances acc. to EN 10305

Steel Grade: P235 GH TC 1, SA 556 C 2, A 179/SA 179 ,Other materials on request

Packaging of heat exchanger tubes
(a) tubes bound with a steel band that has a paper underneath
(b) tubes wrapped in plastic sheets, burlap,
(c) tubes in wooden crates.
The tubes are supplied in packages with a circular or hexagonal outline with having weight of 300 – 2500 kg.
Testing of heat exchanger tubes
– prescribed mechanical tests,
– leak tightness test by eddy current,
– hydrostatic testing,
– ultrasound testing.
Certified test reports for heat exchanger tubes
EN 10204: for EN 10297 nonspecified testing (only the mandatory tests), 2.2
specified testing – 3.1.B
after agreement – 3.1.A, 3.1.C, 3.2
DIN 50049, – 2.2, 3.1. B
Straightness of heat exchanger tubes
Straightness deviation for the whole length of a tube L can not exceed value of 0.0015 x L. In conversion to the 1 meter length it can not exceed 3 mm.
Condition of delivery and surface of tubes
Tubes are supplied according to agreed standards. The cold drawn tubes after the final forming go through thermal processing in shielding gas – normalizing.
Surface protection of heat exchanger tubes
The inner and outer surface is protected by a light oil application. Upon request it may be protected with and easy removable oil application on the outer side. The tube ends may be enclosed by a plug.

Seamless Boiler Tubes

EN 10216-2 other standards on request
16x 1.8 mm to 610 x 30 mm
other dimensions on request
outside diameter and wall thickness acc. to EN 10216-2
5 to 7 m, partly 10 to 14 m
other lengths and fixed lengths on request
steel grade (EN) P235 GH TC 1,P235 GH TC 2,16Mo3,13CrMo4-5,10CrMo9-10
steel grade (JIS) ST B 340,410,510,ST BA22,24
steel grade (ASTM/ASME) A/SA192,A/SA210 A1,C, A/SA213 T5,T11,T12,T22,T91
Other materials on request

producer, EN standard, material, heat code or identification number, if applicable test category and tube number (depending on material)
Leak testing
water pressure or electromagnetic testing acc. to EN 10246-1 (SEP 1925)
other testing on request
3.1 acc. to EN 10204
3.2 acc. to EN 10204 for alloyed boiler tubes

Bright Tube

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