Bearing Ring/Races

Bearing tubes are widely used in machinery of many varieties. Common uses are seen in agricultural machinery and construction machinery. They are used as axle holders. Therefore, it is an indispensable component of commonly used machinery in these two industries and is much in demand. However, prices vary just as much as quality does. The best Bearing Tubes Exporter in China delivers at the best prices.


We are the most renowned Bearing Tubes Exporter in China and the tubes we manufacture and supply are created to international quality standards. Our state of the art production unit ensures we market only high strength, high durability, corrosion resistant bearing tubes.  The following are standard specifications of our bearing tubes:

Size range – 10.0 – 101mm OD x 1.5 – 12mm WT

Heat treatment – spheroidize annealed

100Cr6 according EN ISO 683 17 (1.3505 acc EN 10027 2) , (SUJ2 acc JIS) , (52100 acc ASTM A29) Chemical composition according EN ISO 683 17, (1.3505 acc EN 10027 2) , (SUJ2 acc JIS) , (52100 acc ASTM A29). Tubes are delivered as annealed to globular cementite GKZ+K+G Hardness – HB 174 – 220 HB. Guaranties after hardening- 60-64 HRC. Decarburization bars surface – max 0,2 mm. Tubes are delivered without rust, scales and crack. 100% control of material by sparking method and all tubes pass eddy current testing and ultrosonic testing

Hexagonal bundles of max. 2,000g with several steel strips

Smooth surface, uniform mechanical property, tight tolerance, steady microstructure

Our services and Capabilities

We are the best Bearing Tubes Exporters in China because we provide great quality at market leading prices. Ours is a modern company and we have a thorough understanding of new age designing and fabrication technologies. If your requirement does not match our standard specification, contact us to make use of our build to order process. We not only cater to custom requirements but do so in a quick turnaround time. In today’s competitive market it is important for our customers to get a fast delivery. Our company is also into bulk order delivery and large scale exports to several countries.

Final Words

Feel free to compare our prices with those of other companies in China. As the most established Bearing Tubes Exporter in China we are confident that you will not find better quality, more competitive prices or tailored order with a shorter lead time with anyone else.

We can make different types of machining components as per customers’ drawings.

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