We manufacture Welded and Applied Fin Tubes in large-scale with excellent ability to manufacture high-specification tube from 15.88mm to 219mm Diameter.

Typical examples of applications where finned tubes are used include the following:

  • A wide variety of economizers and waste heat recovery units to utilize heat from boiler flue gas, gas turbine exhaust, incinerators, etc.
  • Glycol dehydration units
  • Fired heaters, such as LNG vaporizers, air pre-heaters, oil heaters, etc.
  • Asphalt tank heaters
  • Air coolers, such as compressor jacket water and lube oil coolers
  • Lumber drying kilns, and similar applications
  • Livestock enclosure and greenhouse heaters

Finned tubes are used in applications involving the transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a colder fluid through a tube wall. The rate at which such heat transfer can occur depends on three factors: (1) the temperature difference between the two fluids; (2) the heat transfer coefficient between each of the fluids and the tube wall; and (3) the surface area to which each fluid is exposed. In the case of a bare (unfinned) tubes, where the outside surface area is not significantly greater than the inside surface area, the fluid with the lowest heat transfer coefficient will dictate the overall heat transfer rate. When the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid inside the tube is several times larger than that of fluid outside the tube (for example steam inside and oil outside), the overall heat transfer rate can be greatly improved by increasing the outside surface of the tube. In mathematical terms, the product of heat transfer coefficient for the outside fluid multiplied by the outside surface area is made to more closely match the product of the inside fluid heat transfer coefficient multiplied by the inside surface area.

By increasing the outside surface area of the tube, the overall heat transfer rate is increased, thereby reducing the total number of tubes required for a given application. This reduces the overall equipment size and the cost of the project. In many cases, one finned tube replaces six or more bare tubes at less than 1/3 the cost and ¼ the volume.

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Typical Applications of Finned Tube used in Heat Exchangers, Process and Engine Cooler Systems throughout the world

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Oil refineries,petrochemical lants

  • Power generating stations and fertilizer&gas production facilities

  • Product coolers – gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil etc

  • Overhead condensers,Steam condensers

  • Oil coolers,water coolers,air pre-heaters

Using our facility to manufacture your finned tubes will guarantee that you receive a high-quality product, delivered on time at a highly competitive price.

Extruded Finned Tube

This fin type is formed from a bi-metallic tube consisting of an aluminium outer tube and an inner tube of almost any material. The fin is formed by rolling material from the outside of the exterior tube to give an integral fin with excellent heat transfer properties and longevity. Extruded fin offers excellent corrosion protection of the base tube.Maximum working temperature: 545°F(285°C)Fin Materials: Aluminium

L Finned Tube

The strip material is subjected to controlled deformation under tension giving the optimum contact pressure of the foot of the fin  onto the base tube thus maximising the heat transfer properties. The foot of the fin considerably enhances the corrosion protection of the base tube.
Maximum Working Temperature: 150℃
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: Acceptable
Mechnical Resistance: Poor
Fin Materials: Aluminum, Copper
Tube Materials: No  limits.

“G” Embedded Finned Tube

(Embedded Fin)The fin strip is wound into a machined groove and securely locked into place by back filling with base tube material. This ensures that maximum heat transfer is maintained at high tube metal temperatures.
Maximum Working Temperature: 450℃
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: Poor
Mechnical Resistance: Acceptable
Fin Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel
Tube Materials:No  limits.

KL Finned Tube

Manufactured exactly as the ‘L’ fin except that the base tube is knurled before application of the fin foot. After application the fin foot is knurled into the corresponding knurling on the base tube thereby enhancing the bond between the fin and tube resulting in improved heat transfer characteristics.

Maximum Working Temperature: 260℃
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: Acceptable
Mechnical Resistance: Acceptable
Fin Materials: Aluminum, Copper
Tube Materials: No limits.

LL Finned Tube

Manufactured in the same way as the ‘L’ fin type except that the fin foot is overlapped to completely enclose the base tube thereby giving excellent corrosion resistance. This type of tube is often used as an alternative to the more expensive extruded type fin in corrosive environments.
Maximum Working Temperature: 180℃
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: Acceptable
Mechnical Resistance: Poor
Fin Materials: Aluminum, Copper
Tube Materials: No  limits.

Embedded Fins
L finned tube
Extruded Finned Tube
Oval Tube Fins

HF Welded Finned Tubes/Studded Fins

FIN Details
Fins Thickness : 0.015″,0.02″,0.03″,etc.
Fins Height : 3/8″ to 1 1/2″
Fin Density : Min 43 Fins Per Meter To Max. 287 Fins Per Meter (depending On The Fin Density –FPM, And Fin Thickness)
Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel And Incolloy. (Any Ferrous Material)
TUBE Details
Tube Diameter : 3/4″ to 4″
Tube Thickness : Min 0.1″
Tube Mateial : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel ,duplex Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Inconel, High Chrome High Nickle & Incolloy (Any Ferrous Material),and some other material.

2.Production Technique & Applications
High frequency welded spiral finned tube is one of the most widely used finned tubes. It is a plain type fin, made by helically winding the fin strip on edge around the tube. The fin is continuously welded to the tube by a high frequency electrical resistance welding process which leaves the tube essentially unchanged metallurgically. The width of the weld is always greater than 90 percent of the thickness of the fin, assuring a strong bond between the fin and the tube for efficient heat transfer and long life. Solid fins are preferred in fouling applications. The finished finned tube is extremely strong mechanically and has greater resistance to bursting pressure than the bare tube due to the reinforcing effect of the fin. Because of its excellent strength and resistance to deformation, this tubes are well suited for applications where severe abuse is expected in service.
Our Welded Helical finned tubes consist of steel fins wrapped helically around steel pipe, and continuously welded using the GMAW process. The fins may be either solid or serrated.
For Welded Helical Solid and Welded Helical Serrated finned tubes, the fin and tube materials can be any combination that can be welded together using the GMAW (gas-metal-arc-welding) process.
For Welded Longitudinal finned tubes, the fin and tube materials can be any combination that can be resistance welded together.

HFW Finned Tube

Integral low fin tube

Low fin tube is procesed some fins from bare tube,it has larger surface area and higher conductivity.Fin tube is easy to be bended and processed after annealing.It is largely used in generator of absober refrigerator,condenser of refrigeration system and heat transfer of other industries.Main materials are copper tubes/brass tubes.


Generator of absorb refrigerator,condenser of refrigeration system and heat transfer of other industries,screw cold water units,full liquid evaporator of centrifugal and evaporator,oil cooler

Material GB/T8890 ASTM B111 EN12451 DIN1785 BS2781-3
Copper Nickel BFe10-1-1 C70600 CuNi10Fe1Mn CuNi10Fe1Mn CN102
BFe30-1-1 C71500 CuNi30Mn1Fe CuNi30Mn1Fe CN107
Aluminum Brass HAl77-2 C68700 CuZn20Al2As CuZn20Al2 CZ110
Admiralty Brass HSn70-1 C44300 CuZn28Sn1As CuZn28Sn1 CZ111
Description OD(mm) WT(mm) Fin Height Fin Pitch Root Fin No. of Fins Inner Tee Height Number of Tees
Finned Tube 12 1.2 1.33 1 33
15.88 1 0.6 0.6 0.8 42
19.05 1.2 0.55 0.6 0.65 42
19.05 1.65 1.4 1.33 1 33
Condenser Tube 15.88 0.71 0.6 0.6 0.55 48 0.38 34
19.05 1.2 0.65 0.55 0.64 46 0.25 38
Inner Grooved Tube 9.52 0.5 0.3 0.2 60
12.7 0.5 0.38 0.25 75
15.88 0.75 0.58 0.3 60
Corrugated Tube 15.88 0.7 0.3 5
19.05 0.75 0.35 8
25.4 0.8 0.5 16
Spiral Tube 9.52 0.42 1 5
15.88 0.7 1.5 8

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